About Us

About Filo PadaLOVE

Filo PadaLove Store is an online e-commerce shop where you can purchase cakes and flowers and gift baskets for all occasions to our website for delivery in the Philippines thru our suppliers.

Expect our website to be simple and uncluttered compared to others.  Importantly, you are secured online with us.

In this constant “online” world, we have never been these inter-connected. Delivering gifts is easier than ever with online stores. We will take the hassle out of you. Leave everything to us and we will deliver right to your love ones doorsteps.

Filo PadaLOVE is now making cakes and flowers and gift basets available from you to your love ones even across the miles.

One of the many things that Filipino overseas gave up is leaving their family behind in the Philippines. And yes! You will miss all the celebrations and occasions.


You know that feeling na,

"Birthday ni Nanay o ni Tatay, sana kasama ka nila"
"Ga-graduate na pala si bunso, andun sana ako sa ceremony"
"Sana makarating din ako...ikakasal na kasi si Ate"
"Anniversary na namin ni mahal, sayang wala ako sa tabi nya"
“Kuya, miss na kita”

“Naalala ko si BFF, kamusta na kaya sya?”



We feel for you, and that's why four group of friends came together and Filo PadaLOVE came into conception. Our aim is to foster the Filipino values of gift giving. Doesn't need to be over complicated. That's why we choose cakes and flowers as they are in their simplest form.

Most of all, we believe it feels happy when you make someone happy. You are making memories and that what matters most. Plus couple with an element of surprise -  turn an ordinary day an extra special moment.

Our online store is a registered business based in the Philippines.  We have served Metro Manila in its first launch and became nationwide as part of expansion at the later stage. We cover a wide range of delivery to both individual and corporate clients.

We mainly cater to Filipino communities abroad who want to send gifts in the form of cakes and flowers. We also service local as well.

 Our cakes are classic all time popular in the Philippines. Our flowers are elegant, will never disappoint  to show your romantic side or to express your sympathy. Our services will be top notch.

Occasions and events constantly fill our calendars whole year round. To many to remember? Easy, not a problem, as an extra mile, we will be your personal reminder.

So padaLOVE ka na!